CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Sample Paper, Marking Scheme for Term 2 Exam 2022 | Best for last minute revision

CBSE Term 2 Board Exam 2022 : Class 12 CBSE Sample Paper for Computer Science along with marking scheme is available for the students to download below. PDF links are shared at the end of the article. Solve all the questions and check the marking scheme for last minute revision.

CBSE Term 2 Exam 2022: CBSE Class 12th students can start their effective preparation for the upcoming CBSE Class 12th Term 2 Computer Science Exam with the help of CBSE Sample Papers and Marking Scheme. It will be very useful for the students to know the important questions as well as the paper pattern with weightage of marks for each question given below. Also, they can download CBSE Sample Papers and Marking Scheme in PDF format.

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CBSE Class 12 (Term 2) Computer Science Sample Paper 2021-22: Marking Scheme and Paper Format

The exam will be of 35 marks and will be completed in 2 hours. The code for Computer Science is 083. Check here the general instructions given before the paper.

The question paper is divided into 3 sections – A, B and C

  1. Section A will have 7 questions. Each question is of 2 marks.
  2. Section B will have 3 questions. Each question is of 3 marks.
  3. Section C is of 3 questions. Each question is of 4 marks.

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CBSE Class 12 (Term 2) Computer Science Sample Paper 2021-22: Questions

  1. Give any two characteristics of a heap.

Answer: Characteristics of piles:

This is a LIFO data structure

Insertion and deletion happen at one end i.e. from the top of the stack

  1. Extend the following: SMTP, XML

Answer: SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

XML: Extensible Mark Up Language

  1. Which of the following is the fastest wired and wireless medium of transmission?

Infrared, Coaxial Cable, Optical Fiber, Microwave, Ethernet Cable

Answer: Wired- Optical Fiber

Wireless – Microwave

  1. A result is retrieved from the database using the Cursor object (which has already been created) by giving the following statement.


(a) How many records will be returned by fetchon() method?

(b) What will be the datatype of Mydata object after the given command is executed?

Answer: (a) a record

(b) Tuple

  1. There is a list of alam which has 10 integers. Based on this list you need to help him create a program with different user defined functions to perform the following tasks.
  • Traverse the contents of the list and push the even numbers into a stack.
  • Pop and display the contents of the stack.

For example:

If the contents of the sample list are as follows: N=[12, 13, 34, 56, 21, 79, 98, 22, 35, 38]

Code sample output should be:

38 22 98 56 34 12

Answer: # Question No. 8 (Second Option)

n =[12, 13, 34, 56, 21, 79, 98, 22,

35, 38]

def push(s, n):


def POP(s):

if s!=[],

return s.pop()


return none

ST =[]

For k in n:

if k % 2 == 0:


while true:

if st !=[],

print(pop(st), end = “”)



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CBSE Sample Papers Term 2 Class 12 Computer Science : Answers With Marking Scheme

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