Check List of Experiments and Weightage for Annual Exam

CBSE Class 10 Science Practical Syllabus 2022-2023 can be downloaded in PDF here. This syllabus mentions the list of experiments to be done throughout the session along with their weightage for annual assessment.

CBSE Class 10 Science Practical Syllabus 2022-2023: Practicals are a major part of CBSE Class 10 Science syllabus. They are important for subject enrichment and help students gain concept clarity. CBSE Class 10 Science practical syllabus consists of experiments from four of the five units given in the Science syllabus which are: Chemical Matter-Nature and Behavior, World of Life, Natural Phenomenon and Effects of the Present.

  • A total of 14 experiments are mentioned in the syllabus.
  • CBSE Class 10 Science Practicals are of 5 marks for Annual Assessment

Students must learn to do all these experiments correctly so that they can score full marks in this part of the exam.

CBSE Class 10 Science Practicals 2022-2023 – Check out the list of experiments below:

1. Determination of pH of the following samples using A.P.H. Paper/Universal Indicator: (Unit-I)

(i) dilute hydrochloric acid

(ii) dilute NaOH solution

(iii) dilute ethanoic acid solution

(iv) Lemon juice

(v) water

(vi) dilute hydrogen carbonate solution

the inspection: CBSE Class 10 Science Syllabus 2022-2023 (Theory)

B. Study of the properties of acids and bases (HCl and NaOH) on the basis of their reaction: (Unit-I)

a) Litmus solution (blue/red)

b) zinc metal

c) solid sodium carbonate

2. To carry out and observe the following reactions and classify them into: (Unit-I)

A. Combination reaction

B. decomposition reaction

C. displacement reaction

d double displacement reaction

(i) Action of water on slaked lime

(ii) action of heat on ferrous sulphate crystals

(iii) An iron nail placed in a solution of copper sulphate

(iv) Reaction between sodium sulphate and barium chloride solutions

3. To observe the action of metals Zn, Fe, Cu and Al on the following salt solutions: (Unit-I)

i) ZnSO4(aq)

ii) FeSO4(aq)

iii) CuSO4(aq)

iv) Ali2(So4,3(aq)

Arrangement of Zn, Fe, Cu and Al (metals) in decreasing reactivity order on the basis of above result.

4. To study the dependence of the potential difference (V) across a resistor on the current (I) passing through it and to find its resistance. Also draw a graph between V and I. (Unit-IV)

5. Determination of equivalent resistance of two resistors when connected in series and parallel. (Unit-IV)

6. Preparing a temporary mount of leaf rind to show stomata. (Unit-II)

7. Show experimentally that carbon dioxide is released during respiration. (Unit-II)

8. Study of the following properties of acetic acid (ethanoic acid): (Unit-I)

i) smell

ii) Solubility in water

iii) Effect on Litmus

iv) Reaction with sodium hydrogen carbonate

9. Study of comparative cleaning ability of soap sample in soft and hard water. (Unit-I)

10. Determination of Focus Distance: (Unit-III)

i) concave mirror

ii) A convex lens by obtaining the image of a distant object.

11. To trace the path of a ray of light passing through a rectangular glass slab for different angles of incidence. Measure the angle of incidence, angle of refraction, angle of output and interpret the result. (Unit – III)

12. To study (a) binary fission in amoeba, and (b) budding in yeast and hydra with the help of prepared slides. (Unit-II)

13. Tracing the path of rays of light through a glass prism. (Unit-III)

14. Identification of different parts of the embryo of a dicot seed (pea, gram or red moong).

Prescribed Books for CBSE Class 10 Science Practical:

  • Assessment of Practical Skills in Science – Class X – CBSE Publications
  • Laboratory Manual-Science-Class X, NCERT Publications

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