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Though, the exam date is not announced yet, one thing is clear that students will hardly get any proper time to prepare for the first CUET to be held this year. But still there is still some time to plan wisely and add some last minute changes/additions to your preparation and that cutting edge score which can make or break the cut off clearing.

I know many of you have burnt the midnight oil for your studies and board exam preparation; You have also dedicated enough time and effort to understand the topics of the exam. But keeping in mind the (unknown) nature of CUET exam and the expectations of parents, peers and loved ones, you have to come out of your comfort zone much earlier and you may have to do it. Change your preparation strategy for CUET 2022,
Now is the time to step up your preparations a bit by doing a few different things. Nike’s tag line “Just Do It (Now)” will be appropriate and useful to you. Still, you have to build on what you have done in the past year and what you can do in the next 5-6 weeks. So, it is better that you work on the strategies and tips as soon as possible.

CUET 2022. do some groundwork to get ready for

  • Know the syllabus and understand the CUET exam pattern and structure
  • Have an effective study plan ready to minimize effort and maximize results.
  • It is important to understand the basic concepts and practice online
  • Avoid reading too many books. It gives better result if
  • Clear your doubts regularly and revise frequently.
  • Solve previous years question papers and online mock tests.
  • Not only hard work, work wisely.
  • Talk to your parents or teachers when you feel depressed.
  • Sleep well, eat healthy.
  • Be firm and stay positive.

However, before we make any strategy, let us quickly go through the CUET exam pattern and structure.

Composition of CUET (UG)

Under CUET (UG) there are 61 tests divided into 3 major categories.

  1. Language Test (Section 1):Language test is compulsory for all. It is further divided into sub-sections 1A and 1B. A person can attempt a maximum of 3 tests (out of 33 tests) from section 1 (inclusive of 1A and 1B).

    1A: 1A has 13 languages ​​(Assamese, Bengali, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu).
    1B: It has 20 languages: Arabic, Bodo, Chinese, Dogri, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Kashmiri, Konkani, Maithili, Manipuri, Nepali, Persian, Russian, Sanskrit, Santhali, Sindhi, Spanish and Tibetan.

  2. Domain Specific Testing (Section 2):You must have judiciously chosen your domain subjects out of a total of 27 subjects spread across Arts, Commerce and Science subjects, keeping in mind your target curriculum at the target university(s).
    The Syllabus of each subject in Arts/Humanities, Commerce and Science is given in detail in the official site of CUET:

    *A candidate can select a maximum of 6 out of these 27 domain specific subjects.

    Please note that all these domain specific tests will be based on CBSE Class 12 NCERT syllabus. Hence, the challenge faced by a board student who does not follow the NCERT books for these exams cannot be overstated.
    Please note that the syllabus of each subject is available in details in the official site:

  3. Common Tests (Section 3): This test will consist of General Knowledge & Current Affairs, General Ability, Numerical Ability, Quantitative Reasoning and Logical & Analytical Reasoning.

Know the Test Pattern

  1. Section 1A & 1B Language (in the respective language chosen by you)

Duration: Each of these tests will be of 45 minutes.
number of questions: Maximum 40 questions to be attempted out of 50 questions.
Question Type: Reading Comprehension (RC), Vocabulary, Antonyms and Synonyms, Correct word selection, Verbal ability, Rearranging parts (of a passage or sentence).
There will be 3 types of RC passages: factual, narrative and literary. A passage will have a maximum of 350 words.
** It is mandatory to take at least one language from section 1A. Hence, the importance of this section cannot be underestimated.
maximum marks: 200 (5 marks per question), Negative marking: 1 mark per wrong answer
No marks will be awarded/deducted for leaving a question unattended.

  1. Section 2 (Domain Specific Testing)

Duration: Each of these tests will be of 45 minutes.
Number of questions in each subject: Maximum 40 questions have to be attempted out of the given 50 questions.
maximum marks: 200 (5 marks per question), Negative marking: 1 mark per wrong answer
No marks will be awarded/deducted for leaving a question unattended.
These tests (Section 2) will be in 2 mediums: English and the medium chosen by you (from any of the 13 languages ​​given in 1a), for example if you choose the Bengali medium, you can take your tests in Bengali and in English also. will receive Channel.

III. Section 3 (General Examination)
: 60 minutes. maximum marks: 300 (5 marks per question), Negative Marking: 1 mark per wrong answer. No marks will be awarded/deducted for leaving a question unattended.

Do’s and don’ts for CUET 2022 aspirants

Every competitive exam works on a common goal: it is not to test how much you have studied and how much you know but To test what you can answer in a given time and get an optimum score known as ‘cut-off’. The test wants you to answer a question that requires a certain amount of application. The system frames the question in such a way that an average student is forced to make mistakes and sometimes even fails to answer questions of known things. Please note the following:

  1. Get an in-depth knowledge of CUET Syllabus and Exam Pattern

CUET Exam Pattern 2022

Knowing the exam pattern helps the candidates in efficient preparation for the exam. Candidates can prepare for the exam according to the pattern. The detailed exam pattern for CUET exam is given below.



Total Questions

questions to try

Duration (minutes)

Section IA Languages

13 languages



45 (each language)

Section IB Languages

20 languages

Section II – Domain

27 domain topics



45 (each domain topic)


routine test

For any undergraduate programme/programme offered by the Universities where a common examination is being used for admission.




  • Each question is of 5 marks.
  • The mark dedicated for each wrong answer is 1 mark.
  1. Note that marks in English (Sec-1A) and General Examination (Sec-3) are very important. Section 1A is mandatory for every student. And English will be chosen by the maximum number of students and Hindi can be removed.Ra, They will get maximum weightage when it comes to admission in any professional course like BBA, BMS, Law, Mass Com/ Journalism etc.
  2. During your preparation, focus on General Examination (especially Reasoning and General Awareness) as questions from these areas are likely to be new to you.
  • The number of questions in General Examination (Sec-3) is maximum and hence its importance cannot be over emphasized
  • Note that score in this section [General Test (Sec-3)] A higher number of courses are accepted into any university than any other course.
  • From past few years’ paper analysis (of similar exams), we found that GK questions, which mainly come from Current Affairs, Historical Facts, Politics, Geographical Facts, Sports and Culture, will not help students in any other subject/ More trouble than section.
  • Track current events. All the major events that happened in India or the world in the last six months or even a year are very important. Strengthen your GK by reading newspapers, magazines, magazines, visiting sites/sources that focus on current affairs, etc.

4. The most important score is in Mathematics or Biology as the domain subject. Many subjects (even in arts and commerce streams) carry marks in maths and marks in maths or biology may be mandatory in almost all science subjects.

5. Make short notes. It will help to take stock of the situation

  • It’s better to write short notes because they are easier
  • You can revise them till the last day without taking much time.
  • Use notes prepared by experts which are really useful and important.
  1. Schedule your study plan smartly. Make sure you’re not over-sloganing on the basics
  • Whatever you had to learn, you have learned. Now just practice and figure out how to choose the right option, even if it is a guesswork (smart guess not wild guessing).
  • The skill of elimination is the most important thing to master at the moment.
  1. Guess the Cut Off Marks of Last Five Years Admissions Data Your Benchmark
  • Even though this is the first CUET driven admission, every university was following certain marks as the admission criteria. Universities regularly released the cut-off marks of the examinations conducted by it. Follow that and try to project into the CUET spectrum
  • Add at least 10-15% to the average cut-off marks to determine your target.

8. Write Tests Regularly

  • It is very important to do the preparation in the right direction. Writing makes you aware of format and structure
  • Write 2-3 topic tests daily and a full test every 2-3 days
  • Make sure you learn by solving those questions yourself and also learn from mistakes
  • Your speed is important. Practice and improve your performance with each attempt.
  • A prudent time management can only yield an optimum result. – These sample mock tests help in your time management. You learn to time your efforts and increase your test-taking speed.
  • The analysis of the tests shows you the way. It helps in identifying areas of improvement, optimizing your efforts and improving your score. Take them seriously.

It helps you to assess and benchmark your performance in these tests and assess the level of preparation with each attempt.

planning is key

  • Focus on weak topics and don’t spend much time on your strengths while preparing.
  • Make sure you are using subject knowledge from High School stream in CUET 2022 domain section.
  • Minimum 7-8 hours daily should be allotted for CUET 2022 preparation in the last 5-6 weeks out of which 1 hour should be purely for revision.
  • Learn the topics as a whole and then practice through topic/chapter tests instead of learning them piecemeal.
  • Even if you are unable to cover a large portion of the concepts, a limited amount of material should be revised to achieve maximum impact in the weakest and strongest areas.
  • Previous year papers, mock question tests, sample questions especially MCQs and objective based should be attempted regularly by the candidates.

exam day

  • Get your exam kit ready in advance like CUET 2022 2022 exam admit card, aadhar card etc.
  • Though nothing else is allowed inside your examination hall this year, you may be allowed to carry pen, pencil and eraser etc in your bag.
  • Also, check the list of items that you are not allowed to carry in the exam hall so that it doesn’t get confiscated at the exam center.

Check your exam center location, address, milestone, route well ahead of time or at least check it on Google Maps.

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